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Norad track Santa but you can email Santa Claus here at Christmas time . Christmas is the time to celebrate Jesus and to visit Santa claus who of course is a Saint of giving. Is santa claus real? YES of course though many of you ask where does Santa live, we can't tell you santa clauses address or santa clauses phone number. We can tell you a little about santa claus address! He lives in the North Pole in a beautiful log cabin. There are lots of raindeer nearby and they live there all year round not only at Xmas. Nearby, all the Elves live with their families and they are hard at work right now making toys with Santa.


Actually my daughter got her phone call this morning from "Santa" through your company, her name is Briana, and she LOVED it so much, I wanted to book one more final follow up call. WHAT A GREAT JOB that you do this for the children... THANK YOU for making life that much more special and fun for my children, its people like you who puts Joy in childrens hearts!

Dawn DeCandia - 12th Nov 2007

Thank you so much. They absolutely loved it. Ciara, being 9, was highly impressed at your knowledge. If I can get one more year out of her that’s just great. Will make a magical xmas for them. Michael was thrilled. No doubt they will be telling everyone in school tomorrow. You were just great. Thank you so much.

Regards, Caroline

Only the real Santa could have put on a service like this, now I understand why you ask so much information in the booking it is great.

Thanks Santa they loved it.

Next year my children may be a little too old they are at that age when doubt and peer pressure eliminates their innocence but I am looking forward to arranging a call for my niece with Santa she will be 3 years old then.

A great realistic Santa appeared on the screen and WOW is the only way I can describe it, I'll will tell everyone I know to book next year.

This is a beautiful experience so see the innocence of children and the questions they ask. Santa must have a book full of answers as he didn't hesitate to answer any thing he was asked and was so real I think I believe in him again.

I was a complete sceptic before the call but my husband insisted on trying your out service as it costs so little we had little to lose. I have to say it was lovely to watch Anna spilling out her thoughts to Santa like he was her best life long friend and they just chatted and chatted. Wonderful Santa thanks so much.

To say we were pleased would be an understatement, It was terrific and the unbeliever of my three could not wait to tell his friends that Santa is real. Great job and great value too. See you next year.

I have to say it wasn't the children that were fascinated it was me, they took it in their stride as if it was an everyday occurrence but I couldn't believe how realistic and convincing Santa was, Thank you Santa.

My children loved it, they were so excited and Cian just went speechless, a rare thing for him. I will be back next year for sure and I have recommended you to all my friend with children

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